Power of Original Vaijanti Beads

The original Vaijanti beads have a beautiful polished finish that feels incredible to touch and use in Japa. They bring an unworldly sense of beauty, calm, and protection. This 108+1 bead original Vaijanti mala of victory, belonging to Lord Vishnu, will bring success in every sphere of life and also help with attracting, Vashikaran, and Siddhi and also protect from magic and tantra attacks.

When you have set your intention, wear your mala, confident in the protection and blessings of the Lord that comes with it.

How to wear Vaijanti Mala? & How this mala grown

 As you slowly bring the original Vaijayanti mala up to my forehead and hold it in my hands, you focus on my breath and take a few moments to meditate. you picture the stone emanating energy and positivity throughout my body, inviting its many positive qualities such as courage, compassion, and healing. With each inhalation and exhalation, you visualize these qualities weaving into the stone and permeating me.

Once your meditation is complete, you can wear the Vaijayanti mala with an intention and let the qualities take effect in your life. Alternatively, you can also use the mala as a rosary to keep track of your repetitions and mantras. Krishna, the god of love, roamed the Braj forests near Mathura with his beloved Radha, showering their love upon each other as they found the most precious of gifts-- Vaijanti seeds.

The small, white beads of the tall grass had a polished finish and a natural line running through the center like the true love Krishna and Radha shared. They collected the unique. Vaijanti seeds, knowing it was a divine offering meant to honor the unending bond between them. Each Vaijanti seed carried with them, served as a reminder of their forever love.

People believed that Lord Krishna wore a Vaijanti mala, an elongated and slightly shaped bead more like a teardrop. The soft, gentle texture of the beads provides an immense amount of peace when used in meditation or prayer. These beads were used in many traditions, especially to attract power and bless one's soul with siddhi, a kind of spiritual attainment.

ISKCON Vaijanti mala also signifies the garland of Lord Vishnu, an all-powerful Hindu God, who bestowed his bearers with unyielding courage and willpower. Thus, this mala, when worn, brings victory in life and provides the wearer protection against any magical or spiritual attacks. Therefore, those who are devout to the almighty Lord Krishna, 

and Vishnu can benefit from the strong power of Vaijanti mala, and take one step closer to reaching their spiritual goals.

How is this Powerful Vaijayanti Mala associated with Vishnu?

The powerful and divine Vaijayanti Mala is associated with Lord Krishna and Vishnu and is a sacred item used in chanting mantras devoted to these great deities. Wearing this special mala has many amazing benefits, so much so that it is said that even Sri Krishna Himself wore one. Just like a worshipper bows down to His beloved deities, it is as if this special mala bows down in prayer to the divinity of Krishna and Vishnu.

One can benefit from its immense energy and power which vibrates and harmonizes our life force. Embrace the protection and divinity of the Vaijayanti Mala, the eternal gift of the Lord, to receive its blessing and open the path for its majestic energy to flow freely.

Vaijayanti Mala, also known as Job's tears, are believed to be powerful beads that can cure arthritis and other ailments. These beads are procured from the Vaijayanti plant, which is also known as Asian Barley in English. It belongs to the grass family, making it closely related to corn. In Indian tradition, these beads are worn to ward off negativity and to receive protection from evil.

It is believed that these beads possess a powerful energy that can help cure arthritis and any other illnesses or ailments. With the increasing knowledge and awareness of the therapeutic effects of these Vaijayanti Mala beads, they are becoming more popular each day.

Vaijayanti Mala Benefits

Vaijayanti mala is a divinely inspired and ancient string of beads known for its sacred and spiritual benefits. Vaijayanti Mala has the power to open up channels to the higher realms, amplifying and awakening the inner-spiritual energies of the wearer. These Mala beads are used in yoga and meditation to stay focused and gain inner awareness, as well as to obtain insight from higher realms.

Original Vaijayanti Mala beads contain energies that help balance and soothe the mind and the soul, as well as purify the aura of the wearer. Vaijayanti Mala has been known to increase spiritual awareness, connect one to higher energies and unlock one's potential to receive divine insight and guidance.

Furthermore, Vaijayanti Mala also serves as an effective talisman and tool for manifesting one’s goals, dreams, and intentions. Wearing Vaijayanti Mala on the body provides spiritual protection, divine guidance, and enhanced spirituality, allowing the wearer to obtain higher states of spiritual evolution and advancement.

How does Vaijayanti Mala protect you and how it brings good luck in your life?

The exquisite Vaijanti mala holds an essence of pure love and divine victory over any adversity. This sacred necklace is handcrafted from small and radiant Vaijanti beads, its lustrous form invoking Lord Krishna and symbolizing serenity.

It is known to bring good luck and protection, serving as a reminder that true beauty can be found in one's own spiritual journey and always having faith in yourself. The Vaijanti mala, ultimately, is a gentle reminder of the love and blessings of the Lord, uniting us all in his tender grace.

The mysterious Rosary of Victory is a powerful amulet, believed to hold great spiritual energy within its beads. It is made of 109 sacred Vaijanati seeds, gathered from the forests of the divine gods and blessed with divine power.

The ancient sages said that those who hold the Rosary of Victory in their hands will experience its potent powers of attraction and Vashikaran, aiding them in times of struggle and bringing forth the great energies of victory and success. Hold the Rosary of Victory in your hands and unleash the forces of strength and wisdom.

Benefits of original Vaijanti Mala

You put on the beautiful original Vaijanti mala around my neck with a sense of reverence and gratitude. You could feel its sacredness as soon as it touched my skin. You knew you was about to embark on a powerful journey as You held the mantra beads close to me. It was a reminder of my love and devotion to Lord Krishna, the deity of divine love and joy.

You could feel the power and grace of this special mala radiating around me. With its aid, you were sure you could please Lord Krishna with my heartfelt mantra recitations. This Vaijanti mala was indeed my greatest companion as you navigated this spiritual journey.

Vaijanti mala is a powerful tool that can help you balance all the doshas in your kundalini and increase your willpower. This ancient spiritual technique is perfect for anyone looking to attain worldly pleasures, improve their physical and mental well-being, and even increase their strength and willpower.

Wearing an original Vaijanti mala while engaging in spiritual practices can also help in awakening your Kundali, helping you experience greater harmony and fulfillment in life.




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